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Enough said


Kinetic Type awesomeness: Dot Dot Dot

Another type post, but this one is for kinetic typography, something that I’ve been in love with since I saw the V Kinetic Type Piece:

This one is actually in response to a user review posted about an online rpg game.  The review is read by a friend of the artist (well done btw) and the type and V/O marry perfectly to each other.  Lot’s of fun, happy Friday!

Inspiring Hand Lettering

I’m obsessed with all things type right now and I came across a link to a youtube video on the Ministry of Type blog showing one man’s process for a hand lettering a title/credit for an album.  I’m in awe and of course want to run before I can walk.  Though it was enough of an inspiration to finally teach myself cursive  😉

Perfectly Done Horrible Kerning

Stumbled upon these awesome little posters over at Felt&WireShop.  We’ve all seen one or two of these kerning mishaps but I love this little collection.  Excellent type choices make these work even more.  Check out the rest of the prints and the artist’s shop.

Tea Time: 5 of the best tea/dish towel places on the internet

I love tea and dish towels. They’re the perfect excuse for a great print…

To Dry For
Currently my favorite, I love the tongue in cheek text and illustrations.  The colours are bold and all of them are worthy of hanging on your wall.

Third Drawer Down
These guys are a little more abstract, I guess appealing more to genX household.

Studio Patro
This studio is a little more sophisticated.  Their geometric designs and simple type are really beautiful.  I love the patterned ‘T’s in the second image.
Better Living Through Design
Love the sense of playfulness here.  But they seem to have something for everyone.  Also love the place mat, not technically a tea towel but had to include it.
Not On The High Street
A little more commercial this site has lots of fun little things and even sells some of the above company’s products.

type of epic epicness

I LOVE this hand done type from the new Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.  It’s slightly modified from the original comic (bottom) which is just as epically awesome.