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Kinetic Type awesomeness: Dot Dot Dot

Another type post, but this one is for kinetic typography, something that I’ve been in love with since I saw the V Kinetic Type Piece:

This one is actually in response to a user review posted about an online rpg game.  The review is read by a friend of the artist (well done btw) and the type and V/O marry perfectly to each other.  Lot’s of fun, happy Friday!


Sometimes I wish I was a boy so I could wear Tshirts all the time.

I love a great tshirt but alas, being a girl, it is somewhat frowned upon for me to wear them.  While most dudes can walk into a studio wearing their latest concert or Teefury shirt and not have anyone bat an eye, if I were to show up in my favorite batman T I’d be immediately inundated with snide comments from the girls (if they actually make them to my face) and be eternally relegated to the ‘just friends’ category by the guys.

This does not stop my love of a great tshirt design and I’m always looking at some of the good sites.  So if you like T’s too you should check out SnorgTees.  They have a really good selection of witty and well designed T’s.  Below is a sample of my favorites.

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NYC Love

Was organizing my images and came across this lovely gem from last summer.

NYC love

Funny BP Image Round Up

We’ve all seen this sign that is actually in a lot of BP stations but I wanted to see what else was out there, either true or fiction.

here’s some more real images…

Yes that game is real, it’s from the ’70s.

Here’s some fun homespun ones…

Alyssa Milano, Old Spice Man, and Social Media, Oh my ;)

Has anyone seen the YouTube exchange going on between Alyssa Milano and the Old Spice Man (um yummy)?  Hi-larious, that is how you do social media advertising.  It began with Alyssa tweeting about OS Man, who’s entire job it seems is to respond to fan’s tweets, though there are other funny commercials as well, it then went back and forth for a few days, and well… I’ll let you watch below.

Actually Old Spice Man’s entire YouTube collection is worth watching and not just because you get to ogle and listen to this deep voiced, delicious man.  Bravo 😉

Old Spice Man’s videos

Alyssa’s Response:

I haven’t seen a response from Old Spice Man yet.  Maybe they’re trying to get funding?