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Kinetic Type awesomeness: Dot Dot Dot

Another type post, but this one is for kinetic typography, something that I’ve been in love with since I saw the V Kinetic Type Piece:

This one is actually in response to a user review posted about an online rpg game.  The review is read by a friend of the artist (well done btw) and the type and V/O marry perfectly to each other.  Lot’s of fun, happy Friday!


Perfectly Done Horrible Kerning

Stumbled upon these awesome little posters over at Felt&WireShop.  We’ve all seen one or two of these kerning mishaps but I love this little collection.  Excellent type choices make these work even more.  Check out the rest of the prints and the artist’s shop.

NYC Love

Was organizing my images and came across this lovely gem from last summer.

Sand Sculpture Round Up

It’s halfway through the summer and I haven’t made it to the beach yet 😦

Needless to say I’m thinking of it…

Yep this hippo is sand!

Tree House Round Up

Tree Houses have been an obsession of mine since I was young.  It started with the Bearenstain Bears and was cinched with Swiss Family Robinson.  The fact that I never actually ever got one probably further compounded the problem.

Who knows what it is that calls so many people to fantasize or, as with the cases below actually built these fascinating structures.  There’s just something that really screams life that feels well, energizing.

Anyways, here is a selection of some pretty awesome tree houses I found strolling around the internet.