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Perfectly Done Horrible Kerning

Stumbled upon these awesome little posters over at Felt&WireShop.  We’ve all seen one or two of these kerning mishaps but I love this little collection.  Excellent type choices make these work even more.  Check out the rest of the prints and the artist’s shop.


“Release the Ink!” & other Poster Love

Was just catching up on some feeds and came across the awesome little studio Spike Press on French Paper’s Sample Room Blog.  I love molded type, but more often than not it’s forced or not executed well.  But this poster for the Decemberist’s is absolutely lovely.  The colors are nice too, offering a distinct contrast while still keeping the softness of the piece.

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Fireworks Au Naturale

There’s something about sea creatures like these that is so alien that they are inspiring. Here’s a roundup of some great creatures I found on the web.

Floating the way they do they feel like a sort of organic fireworks.  Happy Fourth Everyone!