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Enough said


Kinetic Type awesomeness: Dot Dot Dot

Another type post, but this one is for kinetic typography, something that I’ve been in love with since I saw the V Kinetic Type Piece:

This one is actually in response to a user review posted about an online rpg game.  The review is read by a friend of the artist (well done btw) and the type and V/O marry perfectly to each other.  Lot’s of fun, happy Friday! (really cool event listings for creatives)

Stumbled upon this cool website that lists tons of creative events for a ton of major cities.  Currently, it has NYC, LA, San Francisco, Boston, Manchester, Glasglow, & London.

I love that you can sort by industry, such as graphic design, and they have a lot of events which make me wish I had more free time.

Fantastic Infographic

I really have the utmost respect for designers that are good at infographics.  I view them somewhat as the epitome of graphic design since their entire purpose is to convey a specific thought graphically.  There is little room for error making it a tough task the more complex the message.

I was paging through the June issue of GDUSA and came across a write up on one of Pentagram’s latest works for GE, an interactive webpage that you can use to calculate your energy usage in various forms from $$ to KW to Gallons of gas.  Of course it also shows how to save with GE Energy Star appliances but that’s to be expected and this is a great way to convey it.

Well done Pentagram, but well, that’s to be expected too.

Project Team: Lisa Strausfeld, partner-in-charge and designer; Hilla Katki, data architect and designer; Michael Deal, icon illustrator and designer: Adam Suharja, developer and designer.

Alyssa Milano, Old Spice Man, and Social Media, Oh my ;)

Has anyone seen the YouTube exchange going on between Alyssa Milano and the Old Spice Man (um yummy)?  Hi-larious, that is how you do social media advertising.  It began with Alyssa tweeting about OS Man, who’s entire job it seems is to respond to fan’s tweets, though there are other funny commercials as well, it then went back and forth for a few days, and well… I’ll let you watch below.

Actually Old Spice Man’s entire YouTube collection is worth watching and not just because you get to ogle and listen to this deep voiced, delicious man.  Bravo 😉

Old Spice Man’s videos

Alyssa’s Response:

I haven’t seen a response from Old Spice Man yet.  Maybe they’re trying to get funding?

Farmville Coffee, Really?

Ok, to clarify I generally like Social Media.  I’m on Facebook and LinkedIn and I can understand things like Foursquare and Groupon is cool.  BUT really, Farmville iced coffee?  This is not the future I want to see.  I even play Facebook games occasionally but when I leave a computer I don’t want to see Mafia Wars popping up  on my way to work.  Somethings just need to stay on the internet.