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Inspiring Hand Lettering

I’m obsessed with all things type right now and I came across a link to a youtube video on the Ministry of Type blog showing one man’s process for a hand lettering a title/credit for an album.  I’m in awe and of course want to run before I can walk.  Though it was enough of an inspiration to finally teach myself cursive  😉


Type Fun

Layout is a bit wonky but I love all the quotes.

Perfectly Done Horrible Kerning

Stumbled upon these awesome little posters over at Felt&WireShop.  We’ve all seen one or two of these kerning mishaps but I love this little collection.  Excellent type choices make these work even more.  Check out the rest of the prints and the artist’s shop.

WANTED: Penguin 75

I’ve been in enamored with Penguin since I was little and used to peruse them in the local bookstore.  Even as I child I appreciated the simplicity of their designs and, of course, the penguin which has, to this day, a sophisticated playfulness that draws you in.  The book Penguin 75: Designers, Authors, Commentary (the Good, the Bad…) takes an in depth look at 75 of some of Penguin’s most successful books and includes interviews with not only the writers but the designers as well (yea!).

Below is a taste of what’s included.  This is definitely making my Xmas list.

Darren Haggar, Art Director:
One of the many beige covers that didn’t get approved in paperback. This was originally meant to be a total repackage from the hardcover, but nothing seemed to work. After months of pursuing alternative ideas – even commissioning a photo shoot (which I thought went really well) – I like to think the publisher took pity on me and went back to the hardcover design, tweaking the colors (removing the beige).

Moustafa Bayoumi, Author:
At first, the Arabic was all wrong. Needless to say, it didn’t endear me to the design. The text on the cover read from left to right, but Arabic is written from right to left. Arabic is cursive, as if the letters are holding hands in a chain, but here the letters were all separated, like lonely people afraid even to look at each other. And it took a while to realise this was supposed to be my book’s title in my mother tongue. The translation was entirely literal, the equivalent of the bad English found on signs in distant countries: Please don’t leave your values unattended.

Vintage Public Health Posters

Came across this awesome little slideshow on BBC about how health officials have tried to affect behaviors such as safe sex, nutrition, and addiction.

A lot of the posters are really cool but the narrator, Dr. Laragh Gollogly of the WHO, talks mostly about the actual marketing angle for the different campaigns.  Very interesting to see how mentalities can changed in as little as a decade.

I included a bunch but be sure to check out the full show on BBC here.

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Tea Time: 5 of the best tea/dish towel places on the internet

I love tea and dish towels. They’re the perfect excuse for a great print…

To Dry For
Currently my favorite, I love the tongue in cheek text and illustrations.  The colours are bold and all of them are worthy of hanging on your wall.

Third Drawer Down
These guys are a little more abstract, I guess appealing more to genX household.

Studio Patro
This studio is a little more sophisticated.  Their geometric designs and simple type are really beautiful.  I love the patterned ‘T’s in the second image.
Better Living Through Design
Love the sense of playfulness here.  But they seem to have something for everyone.  Also love the place mat, not technically a tea towel but had to include it.
Not On The High Street
A little more commercial this site has lots of fun little things and even sells some of the above company’s products.