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Perfectly Done Horrible Kerning

Stumbled upon these awesome little posters over at Felt&WireShop.  We’ve all seen one or two of these kerning mishaps but I love this little collection.  Excellent type choices make these work even more.  Check out the rest of the prints and the artist’s shop.


In memory of the recent suicides due to gay abuse, wear purple.

I came across this event on facebook, ‘In memory of the recent suicides due to gay abuse, wear purple’ and was inspired.  Most of the copy is by Tierney Michele Pomo who authored the facebook event, though he says he was inspired by someone on Tumblr.  I added, ‘we’ve got spirit’.

Poster is free for anyone promoting the cause of LGBQT Rights, though not for sale purposes of course.  Contact me for the hi res.

Vintage Public Health Posters

Came across this awesome little slideshow on BBC about how health officials have tried to affect behaviors such as safe sex, nutrition, and addiction.

A lot of the posters are really cool but the narrator, Dr. Laragh Gollogly of the WHO, talks mostly about the actual marketing angle for the different campaigns.  Very interesting to see how mentalities can changed in as little as a decade.

I included a bunch but be sure to check out the full show on BBC here.

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Studio Love, Studio on Fire

I’ve come across Studio on Fire’s blog Beast Pieces before and remember being impressed by whatever post I happened to stumble upon.  However, I didn’t actually take the time to go through the blog till today and well I was kinda blown away.  Not only is their work always some shade of spectacular they really do know their business back to front and include amazing little articles whether you’re a novice and need an intro to the letterpress world, or if you’re getting started and need something like this one which tells you what to do if you pulled a print on your top sheet.  Or you can just poor through pages of amazing work like those below.

I haven’t been to Minneapolis since I graduated high school (too fricking cold) but I’m now seriously considering just so I can attend one of their parties.

Oh, and you can beat sesame street, this was on their blog too.

Print Love: “Love does not make the world go round…”

I love the quote for this poster.  Frankly, I think the type is a little flat, the distressed text is getting a bit passe and the layout isn’t innovative at all, but it still catches me nonetheless.

Poster Love, “You sir are a…”

Ran across this fantastic poster, obviously not one for the kids room but I love it nonetheless.  Unfortunately, FourFifthsDesign didn’t post the actual artist, sadness. If you’re out there I’d love to see what else you’ve done.  Think I might get this one for my roommate…