Movember: Mo’ Charity

I was strolling around over at Creative Review and came across this wonderful  little project from Huw David,

“During Movember (the month formerly known as November) the Huw David Design team once again will be growing Mo’s (moustaches). That’s right we’ll be putting the Mo back on the face of male fashion in aid of The Prostate Cancer Charity and we need your support.”

It’s nice to see the little guys not only making an effort but also getting attention.  Too often, especially in the last 10yrs or so, small causes or cases are overlooked by the media as well as the individual.  But I’ve seen a resurgence in people going to extra mile and the internet has truly become a useful and successful tool to promote large, small, local, or global issues.

Take Aidan’s story, the beginning is something that we’ve seen before.  A young family struck by illness (in this case leukemia) and in our wonderful health care system leaves them on the doorstep of financial ruin.  However, in this instance, the family took a slightly different turn.  Rather than the simple coin drop at the local gas stations and sticking to their immediate community the family opted for a blog and an etsy store which sells Aidan’s uniquely cute monster drawings.  Enter social media  and  the response by the online community was enormous.
Regretsy picked up on Aidan’s cause and hosted their own auction
(selling hand knitted baklava’s in the typical regretsy fashion.
• Their Facebook page has 3,939 followers and growing
• Articles with links (like this one) are popping up everywhere
“The response and support our family has received is simply amazing. Through the donations and sale of Aidan’s art, the family has been able to avoid financial ruin. The family had considered the sale of their home, and Aidan’s father began to look for a 2nd job to offset the impact of the additional medical expense. However, due to the tremendous outpouring of support we have received; the family has been able to offset current medical and loss wage expense.”

Oh yeah, did I mention that Aidan was diagnosed just in September?  This is one of those stories that just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  Good luck Aidan and all who suffer from cancer, etc.  May your treatment and recovery be simple and stressless.


One response to “Movember: Mo’ Charity

  1. Hi, we all at Huw David Design would like to thank you for mentioning our Movember team challenge in aid of The Prostate Cancer charity. It is such a worthy cause who we’re glad to support. Should you our your readers like to donate towards our challenge an online fundraising page can be found at:

    Thanks again for your support.

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