Apparently this bug’s s#%! don’t stink.

Found this fun little gem on BBC news, a ‘poo-powered car’ on the streets of Bristol.  The locals are checking out the actual feasibility of utilizing the local sewage plant to create methane to power cars.  They’ve already modified one VW bug to run on methane and hope that the positive results will spur the locals to consider the option of turning to a methane powered car (and the infrastructure to go with it).

Not only is the fuel renewable in the best sense of the word.  This stuff, unlike the current bio diesel which many say smells like what it last fried, has little odor at all.

My parent’s constantly rip into stuff like this and the while I myself have some qualms about sitting in a carriage fulls of extremely flammable pressurized gas I’m also reading things like this,
22.1 MPG:
The peak fuel economy of the average passenger car, which was reached in 1987. The EPA estimates that 2006 average fuel economy, despite two decades of improvements in automobile technology, is 21 mpg.

Courtesy Planet Green

Seriously, when I read stuff like all I can say is, ‘Thank you for trying to fix this problem, even if what you’re giving me is s#%!’


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