No points for Creepy… wtf

so a couple of weeks ago I posted here about using the creepy factor in advertising/marketing.  Yes it’s definitely a valid approach to garner attention.

Yet there is something very different between Rob Corrdry dressed as creepy as all get out clown (shudder…clowns) for Adult Swim‘s new show Childrens Hospital, which I would totally watch regardless of the clown get up simply because of Henry Winkler and Meghan Mullally, and this repulsive attempt by Scottish Brewer BrewDog.

Previously I had loved BrewDog’s design, especially Tactical Nuclear Penguin.  But this new one, which is part of the ongoing battle for the world’s strongest beer, uses actual ‘taxidermied’ stoat, squirrel, and other animals as ‘beer cozies’.

BrewDog claims that the animals died of natural causes, which I have no info to validate or not.  However, while I do have feel that the animals were not harmed while they were alive, their memory has not been so lucky.  It just reaffirms the lack of respect we, humans, have for the other lives we share this planet with.  That the best use for a squirrel is keeping your hands free of condensation.

Is it a fun, crazy, idea?  Yes.  But does it help convey the art and craft of the brewery, and the seriousness they take in their work?  No, not at all.  It may help them sell some beer, but I don’t think it will really be to the niche of artisan beer drinkers they should be targeting, you know the ones that respect what they do and will actually by their other beers.

They are kinda funny though…

The End of History from BrewDog on Vimeo.


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