Cuba is not a communist state

This is something that really irks me.  I’m not an expert on Cuba, but my Father and grandparents did flee to the US when Castro took over so I’m familiar with the history and I do keep tabs on current events.

And I’m always annoyed by everyone including large media networks, even my fav bbc, calling this a communist country.  It’s not, communism is a classless country and its wealth and assets communal.  This is not the case in Cuba, it is also commonly reported about the wealth and privileges of the Castro family and various government circles.  You can’t rectify that with communism regardless what you think about it or Cuba.

Cuba is an oligarchy at best, a dictatorship at worst.  This is simple classification based on definition.  In fact I’d say there has never really been a truly communist state.  In every instance in history a person or group has always been in control and reaped the benefits.

You can think what you like about communism (though you may want to keep it out of my grandfather’s hearing).  Personally I think it’s a wonderful idea but in reality we’re people and you put us in a huge mass you’ll inevitably will end up with a mob mentality which is never a good thing.  But don’t use history’s claims at it to disparage it, it’s so far been only been used to dupe the masses into revolt to only end up in often worse circumstances.


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