“Release the Ink!” & other Poster Love

Was just catching up on some feeds and came across the awesome little studio Spike Press on French Paper’s Sample Room Blog.  I love molded type, but more often than not it’s forced or not executed well.  But this poster for the Decemberist’s is absolutely lovely.  The colors are nice too, offering a distinct contrast while still keeping the softness of the piece.

They have quite a few other posters that are truly awesome such as this Flight of the Conchords beauty.  (sticking that in the holiday gift ideas folder)

But the piece de resistance in my eyes is this poster of an Octo-balloon.  I’ll admit, pretty much if it’s got an octopus on it you’ve got my attention. But how can you not love this guy!  And he’s part of a pirate ship to boot!  Release the INK!  Sold


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