Hand carved type is ‘da bomb’

This is one of those where I came across an image and had to go looking…I mean how cool is this hand done type?  Definitely warrants ‘da bomb’ titling.  The table (above) I came across on one of Design Sponge‘s Before & Afters.  Not only do I love the way the type came out on the wood (the artist Liz actually hammered the letters in!) which looks very typewriter-y, in a good way, I also love how Liz flowed the letters around the wood instead of trying for a grid.   My favorite part is where ‘precious’ jumps over the little hole.  Makes me want to run my fingers over the whole poem.

I was so entranced I went looking further I found this awesome installation.

It’s the Crawley Library in West Sussex, UK.  These oaks each have passages from various works carved into each of them.

The entire library moved and the oaks wereincorporated into the design from the beginning.  I commend the person who came in and pitched this concept.  Such a wonderful and unique installation that I can see many clients I have worked with shooting down in an instant since they wouldn’t have the vision to picture it.


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