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I hope this to be the first of many posts.  I can’t really tell you exactly what will be on this site because, frankly, I have no idea.  I’ve tried to start this before but have previously fallen victim to over thinking and pigeon holing so I’ve finally said f*ck it and I’m going to post whatever I damn well please.  May it be politics, design, current events, the environment, technology, whatever, come what may.

So, who the hell am I?

I’m a nyc based creative project manager who is attempting to become a graphic designer.  I tend to describe my childhood as a ‘corporate brat’ meaning my family and I moved around a lot for my father’s work.  While that was hard I would never change it.  The opportunity to live so many different places from just outside London, to Chicago, to New York City is something that I treasure.  (though now I do grow bored rather quickly of the same thing over and over)
In my first career I was a creative project manager for graphic design but after losing my position in what I have personally dubbed The Great Financial ClusterF*ck I decided to go back to school so I could change careers.  (far happier, I realized I can only be in excel for half a day before my brain starts oozing out my ears)
Now I’m half way through an Associates Degree in Graphic Design from Pratt Institute, freelancing as a project manager, and trying, vainly, to find my way through this world (and keep my interests peaked).

I hope my journey can alleviate some of your boredom.


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